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  Ensure you get value for money on your uPVC window and door purchases


Only pay for what you need - ensuring quality for your money


Can I replace my own house windows?


Yes of course you can. Many double glazing firms will suggest that you need a professional fitter, however this is not necessary for the vast majority of home windows. This does not necessarily comply to the very old box sash type windows, but normal everyday casement windows as found in most properties built since the 1930's are very easy to fit by yourself  To put it simply, all you have to do is cut out the old frame, screw in the new one and seal it up. There is more to it than that of course but anyone with decent diy skills can fit a window..


So save yourself some money by getting supply only diy windows and doors.


Are all Windows the same?


Many salespeople will tell you all why their window quality is superior to other's, including how their hardware and profile will prevent burglars from breaking into your property, and the energy savings of their specific glazing options. Don't get me wrong, the locks are very very good and the Double Glazed units will show a marked increase in your comfort level, particularly if you have been living with single glazed windows, but the fact is that windows are pretty much the same no matter where you buy them from. All manufacturer use similar types of hardware, possibly even bought from the same supplier, and the vast majority of manufacturers use Pilkington "K" glass for their Double Glazed units and whichever profile you are offered, it will undoubtedly have the same features and they all perform very much the same.


These days there is very little difference between one PVCu window and the next, certainly the layman would not be able to differentiate one from another, so more expensive does not mean better quality.


So why are EasyFit Windows so much cheaper than other providers?


  • EasyFit Window Warehouse manufacture our products on site

  • We rely on repeat business from or many satisfied customers and therefore don't have high advertising costs

  • ...and don't have to pay for a large sales team

  • Our delivery charges can be kept very low as we deliver everything ourselves

  • We don't employ fitters and surveyors, which again reduce our operating costs

  • As a supply only business we do not have showroom costs, however if you want to see the quality or our products please come and have a tour of our factory

How do I avoid paying high prices?

Easy, simply read this....    How to Do it Yourself and save a fortune






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