Over the years we’ve heard all sorts of strange comments regarding PVCu windows and doors. I think the most popular one was “they go yellow” after a few years. Well there might have been an element of truth in that many years ago but those problems have been well and truly sorted out now. We had first hand experience of this ourselves with a profile that we used about 20 years ago, but our profile provider rectified every instance that were reported to them…easily remedied by a wipe over with a solvent cleaning agent.
However, these days you just don’t get problems of this nature and EasyFit Window Warehouse provide you with a 10 year manufactures guarantee to alleviate any concerns you may have.

No they are not. When you are out and about you may notice a front door panel that is quite a few shades different from the door frame, this can happen if the door panel shade has not been ordered to the correct colour shade of white of the frame. Most people don’t realise there are several shades of white that are used by the different profile suppliers, ranging from a creamy white to an ice blue white.
There are also slight variations of the profile shape, commonly referred to as either sculptured or chamfered. We can match most frame shapes, so if you are only replacing a single window or door panel then send us a photo of your existing windows to make sure we match it. We can however not guarantee to match a particular colour unless you know the specific profile used to manufacture your existing windows.

Short answer is no. Whilst it is fairly common to hear plastic gutters creak when the sun is on them and they are expanding, there is no such problem with PVCu windows and doors. If they have been manufactured properly with reinforcing inserted where it is needed, then there should be no sound of expansion coming from your windows. Read more about reinforcing here….. All about Reinforcing.

It is not unusual, especially if you don’t heat the room or use a night vent facility. Double glazing is not a cure for condensation but it goes a long way to reducing the conditions that cause it, especially when you use the built in night vent facility or even add an additional trickle vent to certain problem rooms. If you want to know more about condensation and how to control it read….. All about condensation.

The symptoms of a failed unit is condensation forming BETWEEN the panes of glass. This indicates that the sealant has failed and allowed the ingress of moister sufficient for the desiccant to become saturated and therefore ineffective and the moist air will condense into water. The risk of premature failure is why it is so important to use packers correctly during installation. I have seen all sorts of inappropriate material used for packing, wedges of timber, folded up cardboard even foam travel pads used during transportation of units. Worse still is using no packers at all, never fit a double glazed unit without packers as this can allow the unit to sit in water which may gather quite normally in the rebate of your frames, this is why PVCu frames have integral drainage slots machined into them. Some people mistakenly think that condensation on the outside is an indication of a failed unit. THIS IS NOT THE CASE if you can wipe away the condensation the double glazed unit has not failed.

With the 70mm five chamber profiles used in today’s manufacturing the requirement for reinforcement is minimal. Some people seem to think it will make the frames stronger…it won’t, it will just cost more money to produce.
Window frames are not intended to be load bearing and as such there is no need for most products to be reinforced and you can safely order your windows and doors from Easyfit Window Warehouse knowing that they will have been made to the correct specification. If you want to know more about reinforcing, read this…. All about reinforcing.

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